Thursday, 5 November 2015

makeup tutorial

i start with a wiping my face over with the simple face wipes which i did a review on , the i use my moisturizer nspa which smells amazing just like it says. all over the face
Then i use my primer time delay from Boot which i have only used about 3 times it leave me with quite smooth skin i dont know if you should use the primer first then moisturizer or the other way round i am not a perfetional after all i am only 13 .all over the face

  then i put my concealer on which is collection lasting perfection in fair cause i have very pale skin Which is very much loved as you can see . (._.)under my eyes , my nose cause i get red around that area.

like i said i have very pale skin so it is hard to find a foundation colour, the one i use is wake me up by rimmel london the colour i use is light porcelain 010 i have a blog post about this my first blog post. this goes all over my face


then i put on my powder which is stay matte pressed powder by rimmel also on my other blog post as are most of these products. this goes all over my face

after i do powder i do bronzer and blush fisrt i do bronzer on my cheeks then on my four head and a bit on my neck . then i put my blush on i use the one i the middle called guipure which is a shimmery pink i love this on i put on my cheeks and a tad bit on my four head .both of these are sleek. 

next i usually put on some niva lip care so it will be soft for when i put on lipstick , then i do eyes i use sleek au naturel 601 eye pallet i use nouget all over the eye which is the first colour on the top row then i use conker in the coner of my eye into the middle till it blends in this id the colour under nougat, then for my crease i use cappuccino which is not the one next to nougat beut the one after . 

after that i use the lasting drama black shock 36h gel liner which has an rubber nib to help apply i love it i do a cat flich if you do it bit by bit to make it easier.

i use the exaggerateeye defenderfor my water line. 
second to last i use the falsies volume express mascara on the top and bottom lashes
lastly i do the best bit LIPSTICK ahhhh i use the kate moss 107 all over the lips. 


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  1. We use so many of the same products! the concealer, powder, bronzer and highlighter and the blush palette! I love all those products. Please check out my blog