Tuesday, 15 December 2015

hi ❤️

it was my birthday the other day and i got a couple of things which i am in love with .

since i found out that my favourite drugstore makeup , are you ready , test on animals and i am against animal testings i am not happy about that but i found a new favourite is a bit priceyer but i love it so what i just need to save up a bit . it is nars and benefit i love narses foundation . the shade i am is mont blonc which is a perfect match cause i am a pale ass bitch . the benifit they're real mascara is just the best i love it so much it make my lashes look big but not too big just perfect for me i love it t death it is bae i am also loving the hoola lip gloss which is glossy but not sticky it is perfect because i have long hair so my hair doesnt stick in it so halla lo ya . 

sorry to who very pic this is my camera is still broke .

thanks for reading


  1. Thanks 4 posting that on ill deffiniately try nars or benifit x

  2. Hey. I tagged you to do the Christmas Tag - my post goes up tomorrow