Monday, 28 March 2016

im sorry !!

I am so, soo sorry haven't been posting lately i have a post coming soon but its not a beauty post it is going to be a baking post. The reason i haven't been posting is because i have been very busy with my little nephew and i haven't been knowing what to post so ant help on that would be good i really need some ideals please leave a comment. Right so i need to find out how to use this blog properly so leave any tips in the comments too.

Lately i have been trying to do my brows and more on the eyes but failing. I found the perfect eyebrow pencil and highlighter.

basically the filling in side really easy to apply and has a soft texture making  it not harsh on the skin or pull on the skin, because sometimes you can get the ones where it drags on the skin and makes it sore where it had been rubbing but this doesn't do that !!! The high lighter has a nice smooth feeling and gives a healthy glow and goes on without applying any pressure. I guess you could use it on where every you high light .

so i will post soon bye xx

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